(one year warranty)
affordable paint jobs
$395 paint job gallery

(two year warranty)
affordable auto painting
$595 paint job gallery

(three year warranty)
clear coat oem paint job
$895 paint job gallery




At Economy Paint & Collision we are definitely the low-price leaders, no one can deny that. However, often times people don't believe it's possible to paint a car for $395, or they think it won't shine. We beg to differ. Take a look at our $395 paint job gallery for high resolution pictures & see the reflection/shine, or stop in today to see some of our work in person.

Want to see some of our work? Take a look at our paint job and collision repairgalleries.

Insurance claims? We will work with your deductible. No insurance? No Problem.Contact us or stop in today to get your FREE ESTIMATE. Always get multiple estimates... A few minutes could save you a few hundred! 


**Note that there is an additional charge for Trucks/Vans/Boats etc.