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$395 paint job gallery

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Riverside's Affordable Auto Paint Job
Riverside, CA


A Car Paint Job For $395?!

We can afford to keep our prices so low because instead of an auto body shop like Maaco, you're not paying for our corporate image, middle managers & commercials. We're family owned & operated... We don't spend a lot of money on advertising. We find the best advertising to be word-of-mouth. It keeps our cost down and enables us to pass on our savings to you.


Want Something Different?

We have paint jobs available to fit everyones price range and taste. We do single-stage paint jobs, multiple-stage paint jobs, two-tones, custom paint jobs, and color sanding & buffing. When making decisions that are not always cheap, its important to do your research. Stop by our auto body shop for a free estimate. There's a reason we've been in business in Riverside / The Inland Empire for over 30 years. A few minutes could save you a few hundred!